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Fall Banquet


Thursday, October 4, 2012 we will be hosting our 11th Annual Fall Banquet at Newlands Gold Course located at: 21025 – 48th Avenue | Langley.  Doors & Silent Auction open at 5:30pm
Dinner at 6:30PM.  Tickets are $5o and can be purchased online at www.bcteenchallenge.com or by contacting the office at 604.575.3930 ext. 100.  We look forward to seeing you.


Our Vision

BC Teen Challenge Choir

 On the last Sunday in August, all 3 of our centers joined the BC Teen Challenge choir to do a church event in Kamloops.  It was awesome.  Teen Challenge led worship with the choir, and our students testified of the life changing power of Jesus.  Our partnership with the churches in BC is vital to our ministry.  It encourages the church as well as the Teen Challenge students.

As we move into this Fall season, we invite you to visit our website (www.bcteenchallenge.com) or call our offices to find out how you can attend one of our services or concerts with the Teen Challenge choir.  To hear the students sing is amazing when you realize that just a few short months earlier, our students were involved in crime, drugs and lost in complete hopelessness.  Now they are singing praises to the Lord and testifying of His miracle-working power.

BC Teen Challenge Locations

Here are some images of the various Teen Challenge Centers located in British Columbia.  If you know of anyone who needs help in overcoming their addiction, please contact one of our Centers for help.

Matt’s Baptism

Matthew decided to make a public confession by being water baptized yesterday in the Vedder River while the CMC and the Abbotsford Women’s Centre looked on. Here is some video footage of that great event.

CMC Renovations

The CMC continues to undergo renovations. The exterior of the Centre is almost completed and we are well on our way with the interior. Here are some of the most recent updates to the Centre. Even better, why don’t you stop by for a visit?

Matt’s Baptism

Today was a marker day for Matthew of the Chilliwack Men’s Centre. Matthew decided to make a public confession of his faith in Jesus Christ by being water baptized. The CMC and the ladies from Abbotsford Women’s Centre stood on the shore line of the Vedder River to watch Matthew to make his decision public. Here are some photos of today’s event.

Okanagan Day of Golf 2010

Please consider joining us for our 2nd Annual Okanagan Day of Golf.  Golfers will join together to help change the lives of people seeking freedom from life-controlling addiction. 

The tournament will be held on Friday September 17th at Sunset Golf and Country Club in Kelowna.  Each golf participant is responsible to raise $250.  There will be contests, food and refreshments throughout the day.

If you are interested in registering as a golfer please visit: www.bcteenchallenge.com/golf

If you would like more information please call: 1.877.777.7344

CMC Renovation Update

Natasha’s Story

Hello, my name is Natasha and I’m 28 years old.  I grew up in Creston, BC in a Christian home with difficult family dynamics.  My parents separated due to a mix of legalistic faith and addiction which tore our blended family apart.  I was left feeling angry and confused and developed an attitude of self-pity.  I viewed Christianity as more of a strict religion than a relationship with Jesus, yet when 7 years old loneliness brought me to ask Jesus to be my friend.

When I was 9 years old my Dad got custody of me and my brother and we moved to Chilliwack.  Being separated from my mom broke my heart.  I was bullied throughout Christian and public school and between that and the unspoken abuse at home I began drinking at 12 years old.  After high school, I fell into a depression.  My dad thought Bible college was the solution, so I went, but the chaos in my life continued to escalate including an eating disorder, cutting, abusive relationships, cocaine and alcohol addiction and multiple suicide attempts.  My brother helped me get into recovery and I found my way back to God, but I still kept Him at an arm’s length and eventually relapsed.

Through the support of my church they directed me to Teen Challenge and I finally felt like I was home.  God’s love became real to me when people took the time to sincerely help me grow.  I’m learning that after a lifetime of rebellion and holding on to the past the real challenge is in allowing God to be the friend that I asked him to be when I was 7 years old.  Freedom comes when I am willing to take responsibility for my life and forgive those who have hurt me.  After years of self-rejection God’s love has given me the courage to be simply and honestly me.  I am learning that because of God’s grace,  I am a new creation and this gives me the peace to rest in Him.  Zephaniah 3:17 reminds me that God rejoices over my life daily.

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